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After authenticating to the ProntoForms web portal, users can stay logged in without activity for a designated amount of time before being forced to re-authenticate.


Session Length

Device Session Length

After authenticating to the iOS or Android app, users can stay logged in without activity for this amount of time before being forced to re-authenticate. 

  • Minimum Length: 15 minutes
  • Maximum Length: No expiry



Portal Session Length

Portal session length controls how long a period of inactivity a users will be signed in on the web portal until they are forced to re-authenticate.  Because web portal access entails access to more privileges and data, the maximum session length is 2 weeks. 

  • Minimum Length: 15 minutes
  • Maximum Length: 2 weeks


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Set Up Session Length

  1. Hover over your username and select Team Settings
    Team Settings.png

  2. Under the Security Settings tab, select the Session Length for both devices and the portal.

  3. Click Update to save changes. 

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