AT&T Mobile Forms How-to: Add users and licenses

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Each AT&T Mobile Forms account is intended for use on one mobile device.  To use AT&T Mobile Forms on more mobile devices, add another user.  When you add a user, you can control how much access users have to the web portal.  Users on your team can also access your mobile forms in the app.

Users can be added after purchasing licences, or at the same time as licenses are purchased.  To add a new user, a license must be available. Purchasing a new license can be done online, or by calling AT&T directly.  If there are licenses available on the account, skip down to Add Users, below.  If not, learn how to Add Licenses.


Add Licenses 

If there are no licenses available to use, it is necessary to add them before creating new users.

  1. Log into the portal, and mouse over your name. Select Team Settings


  2. Select Increase Licenses

  3. Select the subscription for the license increase. 

  4. Under the Other Mobile Numbers tab, enter the number of licenses to add in the textbox. 


  5. Click the checkbox to agree to the AT&T Terms of Use, and click Submit to save changes.


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Add Users

If there are licenses available to use, it is possible to create a user through the Users & Groups tab. 

  1. Under the User and Groups tab, select Users and then Create User.


  2. In the Account tab, add a Username, Email Address, and Role for your user.  


  3. Under Billing, choose a license to use. 


  4. Optionally:
    • Under the Contact tab: Add contact information for the user.
    • Under the Preferences tab: Change user preferences, such as Time ZoneLanguage, and Preferred Page Size
  5. Hit Create to save the user. 

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