Managing Your Subscription

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Billing Basics

There are two ways an account might be billed. 

  • TrueContext (License-based): The team is automatically billed each month.  The amount billed will be the cost of each licence, plus any applicable taxes.
  • ProntoForms Subscription: The team is automatically billed at the contract-stated frequency. The amount billed will the cost of each license, plus any applicable taxes.

Subscriptions are billed on the first of the month for each billing period. If new licenses are added after the first of the month, you will receive a pro-rated charge on your following invoice.

For example, if each license costs $24.99, and a team has five of them, the charge will be $124.95 plus any applicable taxes.  If a team adds a license mid-month, the team will be charged $12.50 plus any applicable taxes for the half of the billing period the license is active.

Note: This article does not apply to AT&T Mobile Forms and its teams, users, or licenses. If you need information on how to add users and licenses for AT&T Mobile Forms, please read: AT&T Mobile Forms How-To: Add users and licenses.



Review Your Billing and Usage

View teams' Billing and Usage information in the portal. 

  1. Open the dropdown under your username and select Team Settings.

  2. Select the Billing and Usage tab.  The following chart will be visible:

    • Subscription Type: This column shows the account's type of subscription.

      Click the subscription name to access further information about it.  The resulting page will show the subscription's price per license, the number of data records submitted in the current month, and the contact information on file for the invoice.  From this page, edit Subscription Properties
    • Subscription State: This will show the billing state of the account.

      • Active: All payments have gone through properly and on time, and all licenses have been billed correctly.  New licenses can only be added if an account is active.
      • Pending: A payment is being processed. 
      • In Arrears: Caused by incorrect billing information or a failed payment.  This can be corrected by adding the necessary funds to the payment account (Credit Card or PayPal) and billing the outstanding amount (only applies to TrueContext billing).
      • Suspended: The subscription will be suspended if a payment is overdue for an extended period of time.  Users will not be able to log in.  The subscription will remain suspended until a payment is made.
    • # of Active Users: The number of active users on the subscription.
    • # of Licenses: This is the number of licenses the subscription is paying for. 

      Note for License-Based Subscriptions
      : If the # of Licenses exceeds the # of Active Users, decrease the team's Licenses to ensure the team is not charged for unused licenses. 

    • Settings: Click the settings button to update the subscription's contact information and alias, or create a new user



Subscription Properties 

Manage subscriptions by selecting the Subscription Type from the Billing and Usage tab, outlined above

Update Subscription Properties

Update subscription alias, company name, phone number, and address. 


Increase/Decrease Licenses

To add users, licenses must be added to the subscription.  To avoid being billed for unnecessary licenses, any extra licenses not attached to a user should be deleted. If you have questions, contact your ProntoForms Sales Representative.

  • Increase Licenses: If a license needs to be added, select Increase Licenses.  On the resulting page, add licenses and save changes.
  • Decrease Licenses: If an unused license needs to be removed, select Decrease Licenses.  On the resulting page, delete licenses and save changes. If your subscription type is ProntoForms, the license will be immediately removed. You will be billed for the license until the next renewal date. Your number of users will remain unaffected until the next renewal date. This will mark your account as Pending Amendment.

Note: If you have a ProntoForms subscription type marked pending amendment, then you will be unable to increase or decrease the licenses associated with your account.


Replace Billing Payment Method

If you wish to replace your billing method, please contact your ProntoForms sales representative.


Managing Users

Add User

You can add users without contacting Sales or Support, as long as you have a license available.

  1.  Mouse over the Users & Groups tab and select Create User.

  2. If there is more than one subscription, choose the correct one.
  3. On the create user page, required fields are highlighted with an asterisk (*).  These include username, e-mail address, and role. 
  4. Other tabs, such as Billing, Contact, and Preferences, are automatically populated with default values. 
  5. After completing the required fields, click the Create button.

Read more about adding users. 

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Delete User

Admins can delete users from their teams through the web portal.  Users that no longer require ProntoForms services can have their associated license deleted. Be advised that deleting a user does not delete the associated license.

  1. Select the Users & Groups tab.
  2. Select the user to be deleted.  This will bring up that user's profile.
  3. From the Username dropdown menu, select Delete.

  4. A pop-up window will appear to confirm the action.  Click OK to delete the user. Then, decrease the number of licenses to match the number of active users. This will ensure the subscription is not charged for unused licenses.

    Note: Refunds are not granted when a user is deleted.  However, a new user can be added to replace the terminated user at no charge for the remainder of the term.



Legacy Billing Specifics (TrueContext)

Show Transactions 

This only applies to TrueContext billing, and not ProntoForms-based billing.


 The Billing Transactions option will list transactions, beginning with most recent at the top. 

  • Date: The day the transaction was made.
  • Amount: The amount charged in the transaction. 
  • Type: The kind of charge made. 
  • Name: The name on the payment method that was charged. 
  • Transaction #: The unique identifier used to track of each transaction. 
  • Action: The action the user is able to perform.  Hit Print to obtain a copy of the transaction details. 


Bill Outstanding Amount

This option will appear for TrueContext License-based billing only.  If a subscription is In Arrears, there will be the option to Bill Outstanding Amount.  Use this option to attempt the payment again.  If it does not go through, try replacing your billing method


Cancel Your Account

ProntoForms Inc. requires 30 days’ notice to cancel an account.  An account cannot be cancelled by deleting all users/licenses.  The team admin must contact ProntoForms directly to cancel the account. 

For more details, please look at our article: Canceling your ProntoForms Account.


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