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Purchase ProntoForms before your free trial runs out.  All forms, submitted data, and selected users will be kept for a seamless transition.  


Purchase ProntoForms

  1. Hover over your username and select Team Settings.

  2. Click Purchase.

    Note: The Purchase page can also be accessed by clicking Buy now! on the Free Trial notification at the top right-hand corner of the portal.

  3. Select the ProntoForms direct billing option. 
  4. Select the number of Licenses to purchase.  Each license enables a user, therefore the number of licenses must be equal to or greater than the number of users that will be on the team.  By default, this number will be equal to the number of users on the trial team. 

  5. Select the users from the trial to keep.  By default, all will be selected.
    • If a user is not kept, the account will be suspended.
    • The admin purchasing the account must be kept and will be greyed out.


  6. Read and agree to the Terms of Use, and select payment method.

  7. Select Proceed to Checkout.

  8. Enter billing information. 
    • Note: the billing method will not be charged until you review and accept the charges on the next page.
  9.  Review the charges and confirm all billing information.  Then, click Purchase to process the transaction.

  10. Do not refresh while the transaction is loading.  When it is done, a confirmation page will appear.

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