Canceling Your ProntoForms Account



If you no longer need ProntoForms, this article will discuss how to cancel your account. It also includes considerations about your cancellation, and who to contact to cancel. An account cannot be cancelled by simply deleting all users/licenses.

Prior to Submitting your Request

Please take the following into consideration when requesting a cancellation of your ProntoForms service:

  • 30 days’ notice is required prior to cancellation
  • Make sure to backup all your data from the Customer Portal.

Requesting a Cancellation

To cancel your ProntoForms account, please follow these steps:

  1. Identify your billing type:
    • Log in as a Pronto Admin to your account using the appropriate portal.
    • Navigate to Team Settings and select the Billing and Usage tab.
    • Note your Subscription Type.

  2. For ProntoForms, Truecontext, Truecontext Invoice, or Rogers:
  3. For AT&T, Bell, Nextel, Entel, or Reseller:
    • Contact your service provider to request a cancellation.
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