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ProntoForms allows ProntoForms administrators to export submitted form data in Comma Separated Value (CSV) file format. As ProntoForms submitted form data is deleted after 45 days, this can be a useful way of backing up your data.

This feature is currently accessible by a form-specific URL. Only one form's data can be exported into CSV at a time, as each form has its own data page.

Note: Repeatable sections are a limited-release feature. It can currently be added to your forms by our Professional Services team. Please contact your ProntoForms account manager for more information.

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Accessing the Page

To access the export page:

  1. Select the desired form from the Forms screen.
  2. Ensure you are on the Form Diagram screen.
  3. Click on the URL at the top of your browser and replace diagram with data.

  4. Hit Enter. You will be taken to the bulk export page.

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Search Options

The search options allow you to limit your export to a certain range of data from submitted forms. This is useful if you have a large number of submitted forms against a particular form and want to look at the data from a particular date, user, or group.

Note: Some users experience problems with the way special characters are displayed in ProntoForms-generated CSV files when opened in Microsoft Excel.  This is due to the way Excel reads UTF-8 encoded files.  To correct this, follow the import process detailed here.

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Date/Time Filter Options

  • Filtering by Date:  

      1. Select one of the below as the date to filter by:
        • Date Sent on Device:  This is the date/time when the user hit "Send" on their mobile device.  
        • Date Created: This is the date/time the form began uploading to the ProntoForms server. 
        • Date Completed:  This the Date/Time the ProntoForms server finished processing the data.
        • Date Received by Server: This is the date/time the ProntoForms server received the form.  This usually differs by a few seconds from "Date Sent on Device,"  but will show a later date/time if the form stayed in the user's Outbox due to connection issues.  
      2. Select one of the following options to choose a date period or range to include in the filtered results. 
        • Any Date - Records from all dates available in the system. Remember that ProntoForms only stores submitted date for 45 days.
        • Use Date Period - Includes options for Last 24 hours, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last Week, Last 30 Days and Last Month.  
        • Use Date Range - Allows for specific dates that are selected from a calendar picker.

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Other Filter Options

Execution State: This filter allows you to search by whether the form was successfully submitted, or whether it failed to submit. If it failed to submit, the data exported will be limited. For more information on form submission execution states, please read: Data Record States

State: This filter allows you to search by whether the form has been opened (In Progress), has been declined for dispatch, or is complete.

Data State: Allows you to search by where the form submission is in the ProntoForms system - whether it's been dispatched, uploaded, processed, and more. For more information, please read: Data Record States 

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Search Results

Results using the search filters will be displayed in a table below the search. To export all data from the displayed form submissions, select Export Data As CSV. An email with a link to download your data will be sent to the logged-in user's email address.

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Export Options

The Export Options screen will pop up as soon as you select Export Data As CSV on the Search options page. This is where you can select what email address to send your CSV to, header, file, and what metadata columns to include.


Export Delivery Options

All email addresses entered here will receive an email when the CSV file is available for download. The users holding those email addresses must have appropriate user permissions to access the CSV file.


Header Options

Choose whether to include a header block, and what the column headers should be titled:

  • Question Text: This option uses the full question text to title the header.
  • Question Label: This option uses the question label to title the header.


File Options

  • Language:  Export data to CSV in English, French or Spanish.

  • UTF-8 encoded: Special characters in ProntoForms-generated CSV files might display incorrectly when opened in Microsoft Excel. Excel does not recognize UTF-8 encoded CSVs and may display them with the wrong encoding (ie., "Stéphane" may display as "Stéphane"). To ensure data with special characters is imported properly, disable this option. For detailed information, please read: Display Accented Characters in ProntoForms-Generated CSV files

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Metadata Columns

Optionally customize which metadata columns are included in the CSV export.  A number of columns are included by default, but these can be removed.  The Data Record Name and Reference Number columns are commonly added to the export to make rows of data more identifiable. 

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Export Format

The CSV export format is designed to be machine and human-readable. All data for each entry is included on a single line, beginning with the selected metadata for the form submission.

Each repeatable section entry is added on separate line, as demonstrated in the blue and green selections below.

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