Using Spike Measurement with the Mobile App

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ProntoForms allows users to use the Spike measurement tool and app in the field to attach measured photographs to your current form. Spike allows you to measure an object by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet. Then, you can attach that measured photograph to the currently active form in the ProntoForms app. 

Spike measurement is currently only supported on Pronto Forms iOS 7.0.5 and higher.

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Using Spike on the Mobile App

This section will discuss how to use the Spike app itself. For more detailed information on using the Spike app, please look at the Spike User Manual.

These questions will show up on your form in the same format as a standard camera question. To answer a Spike-enabled question, follow these steps:

Step 1: In the ProntoForms App

  1. Ensure that the Spike measurement device attached to your mobile device is powered on. 
  2. Tap the question in the ProntoForms app. This will take you to the Spike app.

Step 2: In the Spike App

  1. When in the Spike app, ensure that the Spike device is powered on and connected to your mobile device. 
  2. Aim the Spike crosshairs at the object to be measured, ensuring that the crosshairs are on the target. The object must be on the same surface or plane that you are aiming the crosshairs at. Ensure the crosshairs are on a solid surface and not a window or hole.
  3. Take a photo of the object to be measured.
  4. Before you can measure an object, you must set the surface's perspective by outlining a large rectangle on it. This identifies and corrects the horizontal and vertical angle from which the photo was taken. Your target must be, or contain, a rectangular shape to align the object properly.
    Once you have identified the largest rectangular object in your photograph, drag the corners of the yellow box to outline the object. If necessary, you may pinch and zoom the photo to better view the object.

  5. Select Next at the top of the screen to measure the area. Tap and drag to create an area rectangle. Use the zoom window to help you align the anchors to the corners of your object. You can add more anchors by selecting the + button and then tapping anywhere on a line. You may delete anchors by selecting it, then tapping on the - button.

  6. To measure lengths, select Length at the top of the screen. Select the + button and tap on the screen to draw a length. You can add more lengths by selecting the + button and then tapping and dragging on the screen. You can delete lengths by selecting them, then selecting the - button.
  7. Tap on Save at the top right of the screen. This will return you to the ProntoForms app and attach the image to the form you are working on.
    Note: Once an object has been measured and the flattened image attached to the ProntoForms form, it cannot be re-measured through the ProntoForms app. 
  8. Repeat these steps until you have measured all required items. The images will be displayed in thumbnails attached to the question.


Re-Measuring a Spike Image

Spike images can be re-measured through the Spike app and attached as a flattened image to a form. To do this:

  1. Open the Spike app on your mobile device.
  2. Select Gallery.
  3. Select the image you wish to re-measure.
  4. Run through Step 2 as described above.
  5. Open the desired ProntoForms form in the mobile app and select Tap to choose photo.
  6. Select the measured image from your camera roll.
  7. Complete the form as normal as normal.


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