Announcing: Custom Attachment Filenames


Attachments such as images, signatures, and audio files captured through ProntoForms can be downloaded or sent to data destinations. They can then be opened as individual files, separate from the rest of your submitted form data. 

Now, you can customize the filenames of attachments.

Using Data Record Expression Language, you can build custom filenames referencing information from the form submission, like answers to a question, or the submission date.  This allows you to easily recognize which attachments are for which submissions, what the content of the attachments are, and more easily sort attachments in your data destinations.

Read the full documentation on attachment filenaming here.

In the Form Builder

Set up the custom filename for each attachment question.

Form Submissions

Submit your forms, and the attachments will be named appropriately -- when downloaded manually, through the API, or sent through data destinations.

For more information, read our documentation: Attachment File Naming

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