Coming soon: Changes to default filenames of attachments (photos, signatures, files)

In the near future, the default filenames of attachments (photos, signatures, files) collected in mobile forms will be changing.

After this change, attachment files will be named with the Question Label of the question the file is attached to.  This allows you to easily identify which question an attachment comes from, making it easier to review submitted forms and their associated photos. 


This is how a photo collected through a camera question labelled "Equipment Photos" would be named.

Old naming (attachments from iOS devices): "photo-2016-04-18.jpg"
Old naming (attachments from Android devices): "1EA1DC2D-6B18-4D5E-A229-F40CD87EE790.jpg"

New naming (all): "Equipment Photos_1.jpg"


What does this affect?

This will only affect attachments in submitted forms when you access them in certain ways (listed below).  In the affected places, the change may only affect you if you are sorting attachments based on the filename.

This will NOT affect any attachments in forms submitted before this change. 

Not affected:

  • The mobile app
  • Attachments sent with a visual document (PDF, Word, HTML) to a data destination
    • Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and other cloud destinations


  • Attachments sent with a non-visual document (CSV, JSON, XML) to a data destination
  • Attachment filenames listed in the HTML body of Email destinations
  • Attachments sent through HTTP POST destinations
  • Attachments manually downloaded as .zip in the "Data" tab of the web portal
  • Attachments downloaded through the API
  • The filename listed in CSV Exports and Google Sheets
  • Attachments sent through Salesforce destinations
  • Attachments sent through Zendesk Ticket destinations


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