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The location based filter allows you to narrow down the answers to dropdown questions that use data sources. It allows you to select a site based on how close it is to you. For example, you can select the nearest client in need of service for your next call, or narrow down a list of work sites based on distance. 

If you are looking for how to add this filter to a question in your forms, please look at: Setting up a Location-Based Filter Question.

If you are in Offline mode, your device is unable to find your location, and you have no stored locations (within the last 5 minutes), then you will be shown the full data source.


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Map View

The map view allows you to pick from a number of pins that mark locations within a certain distance of you. Your location will be marked by a blue dot, and any locations within the distance set by the form will be marked by red pins.


You can zoom in and out using the pinch in/pinch out gestures. To select one location, tap on the pin. It will turn green and auto-fill the appropriate form fields with information from the data source.

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List View

The list view sorts a list of locations based on how far they are from you, nearest to furthest, and allows you to pick one. The column on the right will list the distance to each site. This will show all locations, unlike the map view, which has a set limit to the number of pins and the radius in which they are shown.

Tap one to select it and auto-fill the appropriate form fields.


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