Attachment File Naming for Repeatable Sections


Note: This is a limited-release feature. It can currently be added to your forms by our Professional Services team. Please contact your ProntoForms account manager for more information.


Attachments such as images, signatures, and audio files captured through ProntoForms can be downloaded or sent to data destinations. They can then be opened as individual files, separate from the rest of your submitted form data. ProntoForms names these files with the question label to identify where they are from.

Default Naming Scheme

Attachments are named based on the attachment question's question label. The label is followed by a number in brackets that indicates what line in the repeatable section it comes from, and then an un-bracketed number. The last number increments if there are multiple attachment answers to the question. Attachment filenames are displayed as:

[question label]([Row Number])_#.[file extension]

In the case of nested repeatable sections, ProntoForms adds another bracketed number to indicate what row of the parent repeatable section the attachment comes from.

[question label]([Parent Row Number])([Child Row Number])_#.[file extension]

This default naming scheme applies to the majority of file naming at the destination level. This includes documents contained with the "" sent via the API, or downloaded from the web portal. 


Separate File Attachments with a Document

This file attachment scheme naming only applies when the relevant attachment files are sent separately from the submitted form. This setting is found under File Configuration on the Data Destination:

When this option is selected, he default naming of attachments is controlled by both the control's Question Label and the linked document's designated Data Record Document Filename Expression. Attachment filenames are displayed as:

[Data Record Document Filename Expression]_[Question Label]([Row Number])_#

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