New Release - ProntoForms (Windows 10) 5.0.1 - Redesigned User Experience



The latest update to ProntoForms for Windows 10 (v.5.0.1) offers a significantly updated UI designed for an excellent user experience on any device running Windows 10. Start using ProntoForms for Windows 10 today:

  • Easily adopted by companies using Windows products.
  • Increases standardization by allowing businesses to use the same forms for both field and office workers.
  • Reduces costs by using the same tool to complete forms in all locations and across all devices - desktop, tablet, and phone.

This update is available in the Windows Store.

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Quick and Easy Navigation

Easily switch between your inbox, forms, drafts, and sent folders using the left-side menu. Regardless of the resolution of your device, you can always access this side menu using the menu button  at the top left of the app.

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Fast Access to Forms

"Pin" commonly-used forms to your Start menu, and you'll be able to go directly to that form without having to navigate through the app.

Right-click or long-press on the desired form and select Pin to start. An icon will appear in your Start menu, allowing you to open the desired form directly as long as you remain logged into the ProntoForms app.

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View and Print Form Summaries in the App

ProntoForms for Windows 10 v.5.0.1 lets you view a summary of your form data right in the app. If your device is connected to a printer, you can print the summary straight from the app. 

Note: You can find out how to install the Windows 10 app here.

Currently, the Windows 10 app does not support the following features or question types:

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