Announcing: Accurate Laser Measurements with Spike

Capture measurements – from just a photo.

ProntoForms can now be integrated with Spike, a smart laser measurement tool that captures measurements just by taking a photo. Results are embedded into your ProntoForms estimates, work orders or any other form.

Using ProntoForms with Spike:

  • gives easy, accurate measurements of hard-to-measure surfaces.
  • reduces manual labour, requiring less staff to get the job done.
  • reduces risk by allowing field users to stay on the ground - no heights or ladders needed.

This is a limited-release feature for ProntoForms for iOS 7.1: if you want to use this feature, please contact your ProntoForms account manager.

ProntoForms + Spike

Field workers making estimates can take easy, accurate measurements using ProntoForms and the Spike device and app. No need for ladders or tape measures: send the completed form and measurements to the office or to customers with the touch of a button.

To learn more about ProntoForms and Spike, please read:


Frequently Asked Questions

What version of ProntoForms do I need to use Spike?

The Spike app is integrated with ProntoForms for iOS 7.1 and above only.

Which smartphones and tablets are compatible with Spike?

The Spike laser measurement device works with most iOS smartphones and tablets. Check out our list of tested and recommended devices at

Do I need the Spike laser measurement device to take measurements for ProntoForms?

Yes, the Spike device is required to use the Spike app to measure objects. For more information and a promotional offer, please look at:

How accurate is Spike measurement?

The laser rangefinder is accurate to within ± 3%; the accuracy of photo measurements is also ± 3% if positioned straight-on (not on an angle) to the target.


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