Permissions Overview



ProntoForms supports a wide variety of permissions to keep your data secure. This article is intended as a brief overview of the permissions levels available to ProntoForms users. For more specific information, please look at the following support articles:


User Permissions

    Admin Mobile-Only User Additional Permissions
          User Permissions FormSpace Permissions (all users in group)
          Group Admin DR Submission Listener  Can Submit Can Test Can Create (FormSpace Only) Can View (FormSpace Only)
Mobile App Access
  "Active" forms  ✔ (Default) ✔ (Default) ✔ (Default)          
  "Draft" forms                
Portal Access
  Change password            
  Edit profile            
Create, edit, delete                  
  Data Sources              
  Form Images              
  Dispatch Forms              
Submitted Data                  
  View own submissions    ✔          
  View others' submissions                ✔ 
  View all group submissions       ✔ (by email)      
  View FormSpace submissions              
Users, Groups, and Permissions                  
   Add/Remove group users      ✔          
  Create/Edit users                
  Create/Edit groups                
  Edit permissions                


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