How to Install a TestFlight Version of ProntoForms for iOS



This article explains what steps are required when testing the latest version of ProntoForms using an iOS device (Apple iPhone, iPad). 

Note: This article is intended for clients who are already involved in a ProntoForms beta program.

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Before You Begin

Please ensure you have:

  • Your iOS device.
  • Internet access.
  • An Apple ID and the ability to download apps from the App Store.

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Your Beta Invitation Email

You will receive an email invitation from TestFlight with a subject line of TestFlight: ProntoForms Inc. invited you to test ProntoForms – Mobile Forms. TestFlight is the service that allows you to beta test the latest versions of ProntoForms.

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Getting Started with TestFlight and ProntoForms


  1. While viewing the email on your device, tap on Start Testing. This will take you to a screen with the test version of ProntoForms listed and three steps.

  2. Tap on “Get TestFlight from the App Store.”
  3. Install TestFlight by tapping the “GET” button at the top right of the app description.

  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions for TestFlight by tapping “Accept” at the bottom right of the following screen.
  5. When TestFlight has finished installing, it will take you to the TestFlight page for ProntoForms. Tap Install.

  6. Sign into ProntoForms as normal.


Note: If TestFlight asks for a code to install the test version of ProntoForms, please enter the code from the page displayed in Step 1.


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