Announcing: Editable Form Submissions


ProntoForms has rolled out a new, optional feature that allows you to edit form submissions. Select a submission from the web portal, or the Sent box of the mobile app, and send it for editing. Add a note to the request and we'll show it to the editor - a great tool for pointing out what needs to be changed.

The ability to edit form submissions is configured at the form level, giving you control over which forms you want to allow your users to edit.



This feature makes it easy to:

  • correct errors that would impact downstream workflows,
  • allow mobile users to adjust forms if a customer changes their mind.

Spotted a mistake in your mobile form submission? Edit the submission without duplicating data or needing to fill out an entirely new version of the form. Noticed a field worker missed a section? Add a note to the request for edits to point out exactly what needs to be changed.


Use Cases

Fix Mistakes in Submitted Forms 

2017-07-24-EditForm01.png Requirements change -- this feature makes it easy to send an inspection form for editing. Adding notes is easy using the web portal, letting you point out what needs to be changed. Avoid downstream effects in Analytics or record-keeping by ensuring your data is correct.


Increase Flexibility in the Field

2017-07-24-EditForm02.png It's easy to adjust a form if a customer changes their mind on a work order, or field conditions require an edit on an inspection. Simply initiate an edit from the mobile device, change what's necessary, and re-submit. 


Additional Notes 

Documentation on this feature is available here:

Edit a Form Submission

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