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As a form submission progresses through a job workflow, new versions of the submission are saved to keep track of changes. Older versions are saved in an archived state and are retained as long as the completed form submission is available. These archived versions are an invaluable reference when tracing the path of a form submission, job workflow, or completing an audit.

For more information on viewing form submissions in the portal, please read: Viewing Individual Form Submissions in the Portal.

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When is a new form submission version made?

A form submission version is created when:

  • the form is dispatched,
  • the form is submitted,
  • the form is edited and re-submitted.

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How to View Past Versions of a Form Submission

  1. Navigate to the Data page and select the appropriate form submission.
  2. Select Version History from the dropdown menu next to the ID number.
    Screenshot of the Version History dropdown menu

  3. Select which version of the form you wish to view from the sequential listing on the next page.
    • Data Record Version: These are sequential, with 1 being the oldest version, and the highest number being the newest.
    • State: This lists the form submission state. For more information on states, read: Viewing Form Submissions: Data Record State
    • Last Updated: The latest update to the form submission on the server.

  4. Select the submission version you wish to view.

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