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The pages and questions tab can be viewed without editing the form. It provides useful information about your form, sections, and questions, such as:

  • Unique IDs for pages, sections, and questions,
  • conditional logic applying to the page/question/section,
  • what data/control type is being used.

If you wish to download a comprehensive overview of your V2 form for offline work, please look at: Viewing Form Information in Excel. For information on Unique IDs and their uses, please read: Overview: Unique IDs


The Pages & Questions Tab

  1. To access the Pages & Questions tab, ensure you are in the correct FormSpace and select the appropriate form from the Manage Forms dropdown menu.

  2. Select the Pages & Questions tab on the centre left.

  3. Scroll down to see a display of your form's pages, sections, and questions.


Pages & Questions Tab: Available Information

While the page contains useful information at a glance, it also includes the ability to hover over a section or question and bring up a listing of more detailed information about the selection.


Section Information:

  • Section Properties, including:
    • Number of Columns
    • Has Bottom Border
    • Collapsible
    • Start Collapsed

Question Information:

  • Question Settings, including:
    • Validation
    • Applicable options (Based on control type)
    • Data Properties
    • Control Properties
    • Section Properties: Any specific configuration for the column the question is in.

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Repeatable Section Conditional Logic Display

If there is a repeatable section that contains conditional logic it will appear in the Information mouseover under Conditional Logic.

All conditional logic outside of repeatable sections can be found beneath the table containing the page, section, and question data.

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Conditional Logic Block

If you're looking for a human-readable display of the conditional logic applying to all non-repeatable sections of your form, it can be found beneath the table of pages, questions, and sections.

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