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Setting up SSO into ProntoForms requires configuration on the ProntoForms-side (link) as well as the on the IdP side.  This article demonstrates how to set this up in OneLogin. 

Please note that if you are updating a SSO configuration, you will have to update your metadata file as described in these instructions


Setting Up OneLogin for use with ProntoForms

  1. Login to OneLogin as an administrator.  
  2. Under "Apps", Select "Company Apps", then press "Add App".

  3. Search for SAML Test, and select the "SAML Test Connector (IdP) app, or, if you plan to launch ProntoForms directly from an Identity Provider, search for "SAML Test Connector (SP)" and follow the same steps as below.

  4. Name the App (optionally: upload an icon) to make it clear in the OneLogin interface that your users can use this app to authenticate to ProntoForms.   Press Save.

  5. In the Configuration tab for the app, fill out the following parameters.  These can be found by downloading and opening the metadata file from your ProntoForms team. Please refer to this article in order to get the metadata file. OneLogin requires that the necessary fields be filled in manually instead of allowing a file upload. For example: 

    RelayState: Not applicable
    ACS (Consumer) URL Validator:  ^https:\/\/live\.prontoforms\.com\/saml\/SSO$
    ACS (Consumer) URL:
    Single Logout URL:

    Note: AT&T Mobile Forms users will have to fill out different information.

    If using the SP (Service Provider) to launch directly, you will have to fill out different information (See below):
    RelayState: Not applicable
    ACS (Consumer) URL Validator: ^https:\/\/live\.prontoforms\.com\/saml\/SSO$
    ACS (Consumer) URL:
    Single Logout URL: Not applicable
    Login URL:<SSO Team Domain>

    Read more about what these settings mean here:  How to Use the OneLogin SAML Test Connector (External Site)

  6. The Parameters tab default configuration is correct.  There is no need to change this.

  7. The SSO tab of the app shows the Onelogin metadata that needs to be copied into ProntoForms.  You can copy these manually, but it's easier to download the metadata file for this app and upload it to the SAML configuration in ProntoForms. For information on where to do this on the ProntoForms web portal, read: Setting Up Single Single Sign-On for ProntoForms: IDP Metadata

  8. In the Users tab, add any users who you want to be able to SSO into ProntoForms.

  9. Save the app.  To test it, ensure that you log out of OneLogin, then follow the steps at the following link: Log In to ProntoForms Using SSO/SAML


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