V2 Question Type: String Concatenation



String Concatenation combines answers from previous freetext questions and static text and displays the result. A simple example of this is if you have two questions, Customer Name, and Customer Surname, you can use a String Concatenation to show a Full Name question.


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String Concatenation

String Concatenation is often used to make unique invoice numbers using text from previous questions, or to insert units or percentage after calculation results. The simple example below shows how it can be used to skip re-entering data on the mobile device.string_contantenation.png

To learn how to use String Concatenation to create unique reference numbers, please read more here.






  • Each dropdown allows you to either select the answer to an appropriate question, or set static text.
  • If you select a Question, you will also have the chance to set a default value in case the question is left unanswered in the form.
  • Some question types cannot be used as references for this question type. They are: Geolocation, Image, Sketch, Information Label, Signature, Audio, File, Credit Card, Single Checkbox, Multiselect.

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