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Digit Extraction is used to pull numbers from mixed alphanumeric characters, phrases, or strings. 


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Digit Extraction

Digit Extraction is often used to make unique invoice numbers by combining extracted numbers with other answers in a form. Use it to pull pieces of information out of longer strings, such as addresses or project numbers.

To learn how to use Digit Extraction to create unique reference numbers, please read more here.



The Digit Extraction is read-only by default as mobile users cannot edit the extracted digits.




  • Each dropdown allows you to select an appropriate question to extract numeric digits from.
  • The Extraction Pattern box allows you to set either a pattern of extraction, as in the case of Date/Time questions, or set a limit on the number of digits extracted. In our example above, we have a Date/Time question that will yield, for example:
    • 1804171615123: 4:21PM, April 17th, 2018 followed by the first three numeric digits of the Test Numeric Text Field, in this case, 123.
  • If extracting from a date/time question, set a date format string (eg yyMMddHHmmss) to extract that pattern from the source answer.  Valid formats are:
    • yy: 2-digit Year
    • yyyy: 4-digit Year
    • MM: month
    • dd: day
    • HH: 24-Hour hour
    • hh: 12-Hour hour
    • mm: minute
    • ss: second

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