V2 Question Type: Time-Based Math (Date/Time)




Date/Time based math allows you to calculate a date based on a start date question, and a duration question. This can be useful when calculating estimated completion dates on work orders.

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Time-Based Math (Date/Time)


Time Based Math is restricted to Date/Time Data Types, and therefore the Data Type selection is not shown.




Question Properties

Range Validation: This makes sure that the answer given by mobile users is in the correct time frame: in the past, or in the future. This is not a required setting.


Calculate a Date/Time

Start Date Question: This is the question that you use as a start point to add or subtract the appropriate duration. The Date/Time question must come before the Date/Time Calculation question.

Operator: You may choose to add the duration or subtract the duration from your start date. Please keep in mind your range validation when choosing the operator.

Duration Question: This is the duration question that you are adding to/subtracting from your Start Date question. 


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