V2 Question Type: Credit Card Transaction



Credit Card Transaction questions allow the user to perform a credit card payment through one of the ProntoForms-approved Payment Apps.  The user must have a pre-existing account with one of the following mobile credit card merchants:

ProntoForms passes transaction information such as amount due to the payment app, and the payment app securely processes the payment.  Important details such as time, date and amount of transaction are then passed back to ProntoForms.  These apps do not store any sensitive information and industry standard encryption methods are used to protect customers' data.  When a payment is processed, a payment receipt is automatically emailed to the payee.  It is impossible to edit the form after the payment is submitted. 

Note: Field users must have the selected payment processor’s mobile app downloaded to their mobile device in order to accept a credit card payment.  

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Credit Card Transaction

2018-04-24-V2FB-CCSample.png The Credit Card Transaction question type uses two third-party services to complete secure credit card transactions: Payfirma, and InnerFence. Both require you to have an appropriate scanner attached to and the third-party software installed on your device.



Payment App: 

Optional Fields to send to Payment App

These fields allow you to send additional details to Innerfence or Payfirma. The questions containing these details must come before the Credit Card Transaction question:

  • First Name, Last Name, Company, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Description: All of these can be sent, but must be in a Freetext data type question.
  • Email: This must be an email data type question.
  • Phone: This must be a phone data type question.
  • Account Number: This can be a Freetext, Number, or Decimal data type question.

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