V2 Question Type: Duration Calculation




Duration Calculations allow you to add multiple duration entries to create a total. This is particularly useful when making timesheets, estimates, or keeping track of work hours. It will always output a duration data type.

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Time-Based Math (Date/Time)


Duration Calculations are restricted to Date/Time Data Types, and therefore the Data Type selection is not shown.




Calculation Builder

Allowed question types: Must be of a duration, number, decimal, or currency data type. For more information on how to use the calculation builder, please read: Calculation Question Type

Question Properties

Precision: Choose what units of time you want to calculate. The default is "Hours and Minutes". As you switch between options, the form builder will show or hide the minimum/maximum value to match.

  • Please note that precision settings will affect the output of the question. This means that any later questions will inherit the output of these questions. Using incorrect precision settings for your use case (such as using only Hours for a timesheet form) will result in unexpected values. Please ensure that you use the appropriate precision setting for your use case.

Min/Max Value: Set a minimum and maximum value based on the units chosen in your Precision setting. 


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