V2 Question Type: Exception Recap


Note: This feature is under development and pending release. V2 forms are gradually being rolled out to our customers. 



The Exception Recap question type is used to make a count of all the exceptions of a certain type that have been triggered prior to the recap question.

These counts can be used to trigger conditional logic. For example, if there are multiple "Minor Issues" or small problems with a piece of machinery being inspected, it can be more dangerous than one single "Critical Issue". Set up an Exception Recap question to count the number of Minor Issues and trigger conditional logic if it reaches a certain threshold.



On Mobile Devices 

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General Properties 

Allowed Data Types:form-builder-icons-v6_Number-25px.png

Allowed Restrictions: 2017-06-06-V2FB-HideOnDeviceIcon.png2017-06-06-V2FB-HideOnReportsIcon.png

These questions cannot be placed in a Repeatable Section, a Template-Based Section or a Footer.


Exception Category Count 

Select which Exception Category to count. Recap questions will only count questions that have:

  • come before it in the form,
  • triggered the selected exception.



Question Properties

Set a range for the question. If the end value -- i.e., the number of exceptions counted by this question -- is not within the range, the mobile user will be unable to submit the form until the number of exceptions falls within allowable ranges.

This is useful when creating inspection forms: if, for example, too many pieces of machinery are failing inspection, then the form cannot be submitted until the machinery has been repaired. For more detailed actions, such as triggering follow-up questions in such a case, you may want to use conditional logic.


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How-To: Count Only the Exceptions on a Specific Page or Section.

If you wish to limit the scope of a recap question to a single page or section, such as a particular portion of a larger inspection form, you can create multiple sets of exception categories.

For example, you want to know how many Critical Failuresthere are in the Concrete Inspection section of your Inspection Form, you would create Exception Categories specifically for that section:




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