New Release - ProntoForms (Android) v.8.0

Staged roll out started: July 16, 2018
Release: 8.0


Major Features for V2 forms:

  • Color-coded "Exceptions" to indicate the severity of issues indicated by an answer, like "Critical" or "Minor"
  • "Recap" question type to count how many answers have triggered an Exception
  • "Comments" fields can be conditionally hidden or shown, without using Conditional Logic
  • More information on how to add these into forms coming soon!


  • Enforce the use of passcodes through a team security setting
  • Bugfixes and optimizations

How to Download the App


Automatic Updates:
To turn off auto-update functionality so that you can test internally before deploying, ask your users to Disable Auto-Updates on Android.


Contact ProntoForms Support for any questions or concerns.



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