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Note: This feature is available for V2 forms only. If you do not have access to V2 forms, please contact ProntoForms Support to upgrade.



The Excel Form Report is a tool that allows you to download any form into an Excel file, where you can review:

  • General form information;
  • all pages and questions, including question and data type and anything that affects the question, including conditional logic, exceptions, and validation;
  • all repeatable sections and their associated questions/summary tables; 
  • all exception categories; and
  • all conditional logic.

The familiar format means you can easily spot errors or show it to someone unfamiliar with ProntoForms, or even print out the Excel file at need.


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Generating the Report

To generate the Excel Form Report:

  1. Navigate to the form you wish to view.
  2. From the dropdown next to the Form Name, select Download Excel Form Report.
  3. Download the generated file and open it in Excel.

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Viewing Your Form's Information

All the information on your form is contained in the Excel spreadsheet in a series of tabs. The number of tabs varies depending on your form, but some are constants:

Form Information 

This tab contains administrative information, including but not limited to:

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Pages and Questions

This tab contains a version of the Pages and Questions tab in Excel format. It lists the following about questions:

  • Index
  • Item: Page, Section, or Question
  • Unique ID
  • Name/Text: What text your users see/what the name of the page or section is.
  • Type: Whether a section is a Regular Section or Repeatable, what kind of Question is used.
  • Data Type: What kind of data the question uses.
  • Required, Read Only, Hidden on Device, Hidden in Documents: What options you have selected for this page/section/question.
  • Options: What Data Source is used for the question, or what options have been defined for Radiobutton, Dropdown, Button Group, or Multiselect questions.
    • Button Group formatting: Options (Value shown to user, Value sent to Server) are shown in the spreadsheet along with the hex code of the colour chosen for each answer. The format will be: <Display Value>::<Data Value>::<Button Color>. So, for example, questions could be configured:
  • Default Value
  • Min/Max or Min/Max Decimal: This is applicable to Integer, Decimal, and Currency data types. This will show up in the format: Min|Max.
  • Precision: In the case of Duration Field, Time-Based Math (Duration), Time-Based Math (Date/Time), and other date/time based questions, this is where the units will be shown (Hours, Minutes, Seconds)
  • Validation: If your validation uses a custom Regex string, it will be shown here.
  • Exceptions: Exceptions will appear on the associated question's row, with information containing the Exception Name(s), the trigger conditions, and the message(s) included in the following format:
    <Exception Name>::<trigger range>::<Exception Message>.
    Example: Critical::5|9::This equipment is unsafe to use. Please discontinue use and inform the site supervisor.

  • Comments
  • Help Properties

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Repeatable Sections Tabs

Each repeatable section will have its own tab containing the questions within the section.

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This is a list of your Form-Level Exception Categories.

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Conditional Logic

This tab shows the following information for each conditional rule:


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    Stephen Morrison

    This only works for forms that have been deployed - the option isn't available for Draft forms?