Troubleshooting Integration Errors: Office365 & Sharepoint Online



 This article contains the most common error messages that you can encounter with integrations to Office365 or Sharepoint Online.   If your error message is not in this article, please contact for assistance.


Error Messages

Error Message


Revoked Authorization:
The authorization has been revoked. 

The user you have used to set up the connection no longer has permissions to read or write data into the specified place in Office365.

In Office365, the authorization token may have expired, or the user's password may have changed, or their permissions may have been changed so that they no longer have access to required resources. 

To fix:

  1. In ProntoForms, clear and reset your connection.  This will resolve the issue if the problem is that the authorization token expired.  
  2. If the credentials you use to reset the connection fail, then the username and password are not correct. 
  3. If you successfully reset the connection but there is still an error on the connection, data source or destination, the user may not have the correct permissions in Office365 to read or write data to the location (site, subsite, etc) specified by the data source or destination.  Talk to your Office365 System Administrator.


403 Forbidden:
Insufficient Account Permissions

The Office365 user (the one used to create the connection) does not have permissions to perform the requested action. 


To fix: 

Double check that the site/subsite path on the destination or data source is correct.  If it is, talk to your Office365 System Administrator about this user's permissions to make sure they have read and write access to the necessary objects in Office 365. 

Invalid text value.  A text field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again.

You are sending invalid data into a text field in a Sharepoint custom list. Usually, this error message means you are sending a text value of greater than 255 characters to a single-line text field in the custom list.


To fix:

In Office365:  Change the field on the custom list to a multi-line text field.


In ProntoForms: Add a Regular Expression to the text field the data is coming from, to set a character limit on how much data users can enter. 

Server-side Error: UncategorizedApiException: No error details from Microsoft Live

This is actually a generic error message from Sharepoint, but usually occurs when when a very long filepath (i.e. folder and or filename) is defined in the data destination which exceeds the Microsoft server's character limit. (In one of the cases the limit was reached at 115 characters)

To fix: 
Update the Data Record Document Folder Expression in Microsoft Sites Document Library Data Destination to reduce the folder path to remain within the 115 Character limit. If using DREL, then please verify that the final path will not exceed the limit.

Not Found: Bad URI

The data source does not exist in Office365 at the file path you provided.  It must exist in order for ProntoForms to reference it.


To fix: 

Check that the site, subsite, and file name specified in the ProntoForms data source configuration are correct, and in the correct format.  Read our documentation on how to locate the file path. 

"An unexpected 'PrimitiveValue' node was found when reading from the JSON reader. A 'StartObject' node was expected"

 This occurs when you have configured a Sharepoint Custom List Data Destination incorrectly.  It occurs when you have listed the Unique ID for an image, sketch, or signature field as one of the mapping "Fields."  Fields correlate to custom columns in your list, and images can't be added to those, only to a special attachments area. 


To fix:
Remove the image mapping from "Fields", and put the image question's Unique ID in the large "Attachments" text area instead.



Office365 Error Messages

These are usually not issues that you can solve by changing something with your configuration, but are issues with an Office365 service timing out or being unavailable.  


What it means

Too Many Requests. Rate limit exceeded Integrations to Office365 are trying to perform too many actions in a short period of time.   This might occur when you have a very high volume of form submissions going to a data destination.  

The ProntoForms system will try to send again shortly.
Internal. Server Error Transaction failed Something failed in Office365.  The ProntoForms system will try to send again shortly. If it does not correct itself, contact support for Office365. 
Service Unavailable The service you are sending to in Office365 is down. The ProntoForms system will try to send again shortly. If it does not correct itself, contact support for Office365. 

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