Announcing: Answer Exceptions and Additional Comments


Introducing Answer Exceptions and Additional Comments

Now you can provide richer information and visual feedback for your mobile users with Answer Exceptions, while Additional Comments allow your mobile users to give you more detail from the field. 

This feature is available for ProntoForms for iOS 9.0, ProntoForms for Android 8.0.2, and ProntoForms for Windows 6.0 and upwards. Forms with these features will not be available to mobile users working on earlier app versions. This feature is also only available in Version 2 forms.

Answer Exceptions


As a user enters answers that indicate there are problems or additional actions required, Answer Exceptions can color-code those issues by severity (e.g., Major or Minor issues). This is particularly useful in large inspection forms.

In addition, you can easily count how many items triggered an exception with the new Exception Recap question.

Exceptions can be used with Additional Comments to give even more detail on, for example, a failed inspection point. 

For more information, please read our documentation: Answer Exceptions


Additional Comments


Additional Comments can conditionally show and require a follow-up comments field based on the answer to a previous question.

Not only do Additional Comments give you more information from your mobile users, but they're easy to configure in the form builder: no conditional logic required.

Some uses of Additional Comments in inspection forms might be:

  • showing a comments field to list corrective action on Button Group marked as a failure (see example).
  • using comments fields in conjunction with Answer Exceptions to trigger comments on numeric ranges.

For more information, please read our documentation: Additional Comments


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