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V2 CSV document is only including metadata (and not header data) when a form with NO entries in the repeatable section is submitted. This results in a document with only the metadata information and it causes an issue when integrating with other systems. Is there a way to configure so that it will either NOT create a document when the repeatable section is empty or else include the label headers even if there are no entries?


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You would not be able to make changes to the way the document gets created when Repeatable section in included. Instead, you can apply filtering conditions in the Destination to which the CSV document is linked, to make it execute only when there is a value filled in to the Repeatable Section columns.

1. Got to the Destination Page which has the CSV document linked to it. 

2. Edit the Destination and in the 'Filtering' tab > Filter Rules, enter filter criteria as follows:

If you want the data destination to execute only if there IS an answer, the expression is: ^(?!\s*$).+

If you want the data destination to execute only if the answer is BLANK, the expression is: ^\s*$

You can include any or all of the questions in the Repeatable Section in the filter rules. In this case when the Repeatable Section does not have any rows in it, this Destination would not execute and you will not a have a CSV document.
When there is a row in the Repeatable Section, the Destination would execute and you will have the headers and data in the CSV document.

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