FAQ: Safe Animations

Note: Safe Animations will be removed as of ProntoForms for iOS v10.1.

What is Safe Animations in my settings?

What exactly does "Safe Animations" do in my advanced settings?

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"Safe Animations" was intended for people who were having an issue with touch functionality in their Forms in prior versions of ProntoForms. This has since been corrected, and it now has the opposite effect when it is turned on. It affects the flow of the Form through touch activity. For example, scrolling through your Form can lag and touching a value may not actually select said value.

Some older devices running previous versions of ProntoForms still need this feature so we have left it in our settings for now. It will be removed at a future date.

If you are having touch issues on your Form, check to make sure Safe Animations are turned off. To ensure this feature is turned off, go into your Settings and select your Advanced Settings. In there you will see multiple fields with switches to turn on and off. Scroll down to Safe Animations and make sure it is off.

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