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The Exception Recap question type is used to make a count of all the exceptions of a certain type that have been triggered prior to the recap question.

These counts can be used to trigger conditional logic. For example, if there are multiple "Minor Issues" or small problems with a piece of machinery being inspected, it can be more dangerous than one single "Critical Issue". Set up an Exception Recap question to count the number of Minor Issues and trigger conditional logic if it reaches a certain threshold.

An example of two "Critical Failure" exceptions being recapped is shown below on an iOS device:


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Form Builder

In the Form Builder, the Exception Recap question appears as shown below:

The Question Edit screen for the Exception Recap question type has three tabs: General, Properties, and Help Options. This article will go through each of the tabs.


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Unique ID 

The Unique ID is the reference for the question. For more information on Unique IDs, read: Overview: Unique IDs. It can either be auto-generated based on the question text, or customized.

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Restrictions control how your mobile users interact with a question. They can be set on the question itself, or controlled by Conditional Logic.

  Required Read-Only Hidden on Device Hidden in Reports
Exception Recap ✘ * *

* Exception Recaps are Read-Only by default, as the mobile user cannot interact with them. As the user cannot interact with the question, and the question is always answered ("0" is an answer), the question cannot be set to Required.

These questions cannot be placed in a Repeatable Section, a Template-Based Section or a Footer.

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Properties allow you to set up your question in various ways.

Recap Properties

Select which Exception Category to count. Recap questions will only count questions that have:

  • come before it in the form,
  • triggered the selected exception.


Allowable Range

Allowable Range (Min/Max)

  • Note: If the recap value falls outside of the allowable range, the user will have to adjust the answers to the questions used in the recap; they cannot edit the recap's answer directly.

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Help Options

Adding "Help" content to forms gives mobile users access to support and other resources out in the field.  Help content is available to users through a button embedded beside a question.  Any question in the form can include a link to Youtube videos, web pages, or HTML-formatted work instructions. 

For more information on Help Content, please read: V2 Forms: Adding Help Content to Questions

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How-To: Count Only the Exceptions on a Specific Page or Section.

If you wish to limit the scope of a recap question to a single page or section, such as a particular portion of a larger inspection form, you can create multiple sets of exception categories.

For example, you want to know how many Critical Failures there are in the Equipment Inspection section of your Inspection Form, you would create Exception Categories specifically for that section:


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