Troubleshooting Integration Errors: Google



 This article contains the most common error messages that you can encounter with integrations to Google Drive or Google Sheets.   If your error message is not in this article, please contact for assistance.


Error Messages

Error Message


Authorization was revoked. 

In Google, the user who was used to set up the connection may have changed their password, they may have manually revoked the authorization from the Security tab of their Google account, or Google may have expired the authentication token for another reason. 

To fix:

In ProntoForms, clear and reset your connection.  


Invalid Authorization: Unauthorized

The Google user (the one used to create the connection) does not have permissions to perform the requested action. 


To fix: 

1 In ProntoForms, clear and reset your connection.  If that doesn't work...
2. Ensure that the item you are trying to access is in your Google Drive account, and is not just an item shared with you.  ProntoForms only has access to write to files that belong to your Google Drive account.  Read here for more details. 

This action would increase the number of cells in the workbook above the limit of 5000000 cells.

Google places a limit on how many cells can be in a single Google Sheet.  ProntoForms is not allowed to send data that would exceed this limit. 


To fix:

1.  Create a new sheet and redirect the destination to point towards the new sheet. 
2. Alternatively, if you don't need some of the older data, the older data in the sheet could be deleted, and then re-execute the failed form submissions.

Error, Worksheet not found: Worksheet not found in spreadsheet

As the error message indicates, there is an issue with the name of the worksheet in the data source. Even though there might have been no changes made to the Data Source, the error message could indicate the worksheet name was changed in the Google Sheets. Confirm if the Worksheet name listed in the data source is the same as the worksheet name in the Google Sheets spreadsheet. This includes the fact that it has to be case sensitive as well. You can check the worksheet name in the data source page.


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