Set Up Salesforce for ProntoForms Corporate Login/Single Sign-On (SSO)


This feature is available on the following tiers: Enterprise.



Salesforce can act as a single sign-on (SSO) identity provider to ProntoForms, allowing end users to easily and securely access ProntoForms with one login. When using SAML for federated authentication, enable Salesforce as an identity provider and then set up ProntoForms.

This article will walk administrators through setting up Salesforce and ProntoForms for SSO.

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Set Up Your Salesforce Org as an Identity Provider (IdP)

By default, creating a subdomain enables your Salesforce org as an identity provider. Use the Salesforce My Domain wizard to set up a subdomain (external link) under

Download the Metadata Document

  1. From Setup, enter Identity in the Quick Find box, and then select Identity Provider.
  2. Select Download Metadata.

If you need to generate a new metadata key, follow Salesforce's help here: Create a New Salesforce SAML Metadata Key (external link).


Create a Connected App in Salesforce

  1. In Salesforce, create a connected app:
    • In Lightning Experience, from Setup, enter App in the Quick Find box, and select App Manager. Select New Connected App.
    • In Salesforce Classic, from Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find Box, and select Apps. Under Connected Apps, select New.
  2. Configure the connected app's Basic Information settings:
    1. Enter a name for the ProntoForms connected app. Salesforce uses this name to populate the API name.
    2. Enter the contact email for Salesforce to use when contacting you or your support team. This address isn’t given to Salesforce admins who install the app.
    3. Optionally, upload or specify a logo and icon to represent your ProntoForms application in the Salesforce App Launcher.
  3. Configure the connected app's Web App Settings:
    1. Select Enable SAML.
    2. For Entity ID, enter
    3. For ACS URL, enter
    4. For Subject Type, choose how users are identified to the identity provider. For ProntoForms, choose Username.
    5. For Name ID Format, keep the default value.
    6. For Issuer, keep the default value, which is your My Domain subdomain.
    7. For IdP Certificate, keep the default (Default IdP Certificate).

  4. Save the settings.
  5. Configure profiles and permission sets for the connected app.
    1. From Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find box.
    2. If you are using Lightning Experience, select Manage Connected Apps.
    3. If you are using Salesforce Classic, under Manage Apps, select Connected Apps.
    4. Select the name of your connected app for Zendesk (ProntoForms). The connected app detail page will appear.
    5. Select Manage Profiles or Manage Permission Sets, and add profiles or permission sets for the users who can access this app.
  6. In Salesforce, enter the start URL for ProntoForms. To find this:
    1. Navigate to the Connected App Detail page.
    2. Copy the IdP-initiated login URL displayed on the page:
    3. On the connected app detail page, select Edit Policies.
    4. For Start URL, paste the IdP-initiated login URL.
    5. Save the settings.


Once this is done, set up SSO in ProntoForms' Web Portal. For instructions on how to do this: Set Up Corporate Login (Single Sign-On) for ProntoForms Teams.

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