Question Type: Signature



Collect authorizations via signature capture using the touch screen of your mobile user's device. This can record sign-offs on inspections, invoices, estimates, and more.

An example of a Signature question on an iOS device is shown below:



Tips for Form Designers:
  • Need to add disclaimers or information above the signature? Use an Information Label for additional context.

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Form Builder

In the Form Builder, the signature question appears as shown below:

The Question Edit screen for the Signature question has three tabs: General, Properties, and Help Options. This article will go through each of the tabs.


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Unique ID 

The Unique ID is the reference for the question. For more information on Unique IDs, read: Overview: Unique IDs. It can either be auto-generated based on the question text, or customized.

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Restrictions control how your mobile users interact with a question. They can be set on the question itself.

  Required Read-Only Hidden on Device Hidden in Reports

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Properties allow you to set up your question in various ways. The Signature question type uses the Attachment data type:


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Help Options

Adding "Help" content to forms gives mobile users access to support and other resources out in the field.  Help content is available to users through a button embedded beside a question.  Any question in the form can include a link to Youtube videos, web pages, or HTML-formatted work instructions. 

For more information on Help Content, please read: V2 Forms: Adding Help Content to Questions

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