Data Types: Date, Time, and Date/Time



The Date, Time, and Date/Time data types record data in an appropriate format for use in questions regarding dates and times. They are often used in Date/Time Stamp questions to record when work began or ended, or to mark the date on a form.

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Compatible Question Types

This data type can be collected with multiple Question Types:

  Date/Time Selector Date/Time Stamp Time-Based Math
Date ✘ * ✘ **
Time ✘ * ✘ **

* The Date/Time Stamp only collects a Date/Time value and cannot be narrowed to a Date or a Time-only stamp.

** Time-Based Math requires a Date/Time value in order to calculate.

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Data Type Properties

Range Validation

This is available on: Date/Time Selector, Time-Based Math.

Ensure that your users are entering appropriate dates by using Range Validation based on the question. For example, an Estimate form may have a future expiration date for the estimate's costs; using Range Validation set to "In the Future", you can ensure that your mobile users enter a future date.


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 Default Value Source

This is available on: Date/Time Selector, Time-Based Math

Setting a default value can save time for your users by automatically entering a value based on a static time set by you; based on when they opened the page containing the date/time question; or the time they opened the form (data record start).


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Exporting Date/Time Data: Format

When Time/Date data is exported into CSV, it uses the ISO 8601 standard for Date/Time. For more information on the ISO-8601 standard, please read ISO 8601 (external link).

For information on how timezones may affect your output, please read: Timezone Settings

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    Patrique Paquette

    Can we add any validation to verify "day of the week"?

    Example: using pronto for time sheets, employees select the last day of the "pay period", which is always the same day of the week (Saturday in our case).  Validating that the date chosen is a Saturday would be incredibly useful to avoid simple user errors.


    EDIT: I think we can figure something out with time based math from a hidden field with a static time entered being a Saturday, and then do some math in the background, but hoping their is a simpler solution

    Edited by Patrique Paquette