Announcing: Attach Data Destinations & Documents to an Existing Form Version

When deploying a form, it's easy to forget to attach certain destinations or documents, resulting in a backlog of hundreds of form submissions that haven't gone to the correct place, or have the wrong document attached.

Now, it's possible to attach the correct data destinations and documents to an existing form version, saving yourself time by automatically queuing the form submissions for re-processing. The process is simple:

  1. Navigate to the Form Versions page of your desired form:

  2. Select the applicable version of your form (the one with the form submissions made to it) from the listing:

  3. Select the Form Outputs tab, and then Edit Form Outputs.

  4. Attach the correct Destinations and/or Documents, and select Update.
  5. The original form submissions will join a queue for re-processing with the correct documents and destinations, ensuring a timely and stress-free experience!


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