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ProntoForms takes the security of your data very seriously. ProntoForms Support cannot view your form submission data unless allowed to do so by you. To help troubleshoot problems, you can allow ProntoForms to assume your user role for a specific amount of time. Allowing ProntoForms to access your account does not affect your licenses or billing.

Access is granted on a per-user basis, respecting your user's permissions, and not at the team level. It can be revoked at any time, or be set to expire after a set amount of time.


What does this give ProntoForms access to?

If you choose to give ProntoForms access to your user role, you are granting the ProntoForms employee the same access as your user enjoys. This means that ProntoForms can see only the same things that your user can, such as:

  • Form Submissions that you can see,
  • FormSpaces that your user can see,
  • Configuration details of Data Sources, Data Destinations, and Connections

Essentially, if you choose to give ProntoForms access to your user role, they assume your user role, with all its access -- or access limitations. For example, a User with access to only their form submissions can only grant access to those submissions, not all submissions on the team.

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When should I grant access to my user role?

The most common cause of granting ProntoForms access to your account is when facing an issue too complex to be understood with the limited information available to ProntoForms Support users.  This is most often when Support needs to view the answers to questions to understand the form behaviour. For example:

  • "My form did not go to the correct folder or email address." When troubleshooting destinations, Support often needs to see the form submission data to determine where the form should have been delivered.
  • "I expected the form to do X, but it did Y." When troubleshooting conditional logic, viewing the submission data is required to understand if the form was behaving as designed.

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How do I grant access to my user role?

To grant access to your user role:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to ProntoForms on the correct user.
  2. Mouse over the Support dropdown from the top navigation bar and select Allow Account Assumption.

  3. Set how long ProntoForms can access your account (7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 3 months, 1 year, or forever), and select Grant Access.

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How do I revoke access to my user role?

You can revoke Support access to your account at any time. When you have enabled account assumption, there will be a reminder banner at the top of any web portal screen:


Selecting Disable Support Access will take you to the Account Assumption screen, where you can select Revoke Access: 


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