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This feature is available on the following tiers: Enterprise, Advanced.



The Search functionality in the mobile app allows mobile users to search and review past form submissions within the app itself, and pull up reports and associated documents easily and without leaving the ProntoForms app. This allows mobile users working online to:

  • make more informed decisions: with better visibility and access to historical data -- for example, what was done last time the company visited this site -- mobile users can ensure they're prepared, avoid redoing work, and choose the best course of action.
  • save time: no more trips or calls back to the home office: mobile users can search for the appropriate form submissions from the past and review the data contained within without leaving the ProntoForms app.
  • increase productivity: with the ability to edit another user's form submissions, mobile users can correct mistakes when the original submitter isn't available, whether due to shift-based work or illness. This also eliminates the need to log into the web portal while in the field to review data and catch mistakes: supervisors in the field can make corrections without having to ask a team member to go back and correct it themselves.

Below is a gif of the search box in action:


Please note, the only form submissions that will be searchable are ones where this setting was enabled on the form version, i.e., if your administrator only enables Search on Form Version 3 and onwards, you will not be able to search for submissions made to form versions 1 and 2.

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Enable the Search Box on your Team

The Search Box is an additional menu item on the Home screen of the mobile device. To enable the Search Box on your mobile users' devices:

  1. Select Team Settings from the dropdown next to your username in the top right of the web portal.
  2. Select the Mobile Devices tab.
  3. Find the Device Configuration sub-header and select Override Standard Configuration or Update Custom Configuration.
  4. Check the box next to Display tab 'Search'? and select Update.

  5. Your mobile users will now have a new menu item on their home screens. They may need to reconcile before it appears:
    Note: Without further configuration, the Search box will appear for every user on your ProntoForms account, but no form submissions will be searchable until the forms are configured appropriately (see below).

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Making a Form's Submissions Searchable

You can choose which forms will have their submissions available in the Search box, giving you control over which forms you want to allow your users to view and edit. This section will discuss how to enable search on a form level, and offer some best-practices for building forms to use this feature.

It is not possible to search or edit form submissions made on form versions where these settings are not enabled.


Enabling Search in the Form Builder

You must be a ProntoAdmin or a User with Can Create permissions for the appropriate FormSpace to adjust this setting.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate form in the web portal and select Edit Form.
  2. Select the Settings tab, and then Workflow Options.
  3. Under Search Options at the bottom of the page, check the box next to Display submitted forms in the Search box of the mobile app. Set a limit on how long the form submissions will be searchable.

    This setting allows you to limit how many days a form submission is allowed to appear in the Search tab, e.g., if a form submission was submitted 7 days ago, and the day limit is 6 days, that form submission will not be visible on the device.

    When building forms with this feature in mind, please consider how long the information contained in form submissions will be relevant to your mobile users, and set this limit accordingly.

  4. If you want users to be able to edit other users' past form submissions: under Editing, enable Also allow mobile users to edit others' submissions from the Search box.
    Click here for more information on Editing Form Submissions >
    Changes are tracked between form submission versions, ensuring you can audit who made which change, and when based on the form submission owner.

  5. Complete any other edits to the form, then Save as Draft or Save and Deploy. Any submissions to this version of the form will be searchable on the mobile device.

Selecting the Documents Available for Download

The documents that will be made available for download are those selected in the Settings page of the Form Builder:


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What Can Users Search For?

Your mobile users need the most context you, as an administrator, can provide. The Search box can be a major tool in their toolbox, especially if you build forms to take advantage of it.

The Search box is limited to searching the Form Submission Name. Customizing this using Data Record Expression Language (DREL) is simple, and documented here: Customize Naming of Items in the Mobile App. Shown below is the naming expression used in our example Form Submissions:


When setting up the Form Submission Name, consider what information your mobile users might search:

  • Giving more context to repeated or recurring visits: your mobile users might want to search customer or work order/invoice IDs. Use a DREL reference (%a[Unique ID]) to pull the customer name out of the form submission and put it in the title.
  • Picking up another user's work: In shift work or in the case of illness or vacation, mobile users might want to search for another user's work to find all of their form submissions so they can edit them or correct mistakes. In these kinds of cases, having the username in the title of the form submission would be useful. Use the DREL reference %u in your naming expression.

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Access Control and Compliance Features

This section will discuss how to control who sees which form submissions in the Search box, what features are in place to track changes to form submissions (for auditing or compliance purposes), and Form Submission version ownership.

Controlling Access to Past Form Submissions

While giving your mobile users access to the information they need is key, limiting that access to the correct users is equally as important.

Existing FormSpace permissions control if a user is able to see submissions in the Search box for forms in that FormSpace, provided the form-level setting is enabled.

  1. Admins are able to see all submissions on the team (for forms that allow it)
  2. Users and Mobile-Only Users with "Can View" can see submissions in FormSpaces.
  3. Users and Mobile-Only Users without "Can View" can see their own submissions only.

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Tracking Changes to Form Submissions

While correcting errors or completing form submissions is a prime use of the Search-and-Edit workflow, you need to be sure who made which changes, and when they were made.

This is done using Form Submission Versioning:


All edited form submissions will be shown as submitted by the new user, meaning you can track who has made which edits for accuracy and compliance reasons. Any changed answers will be shown as Edited when viewed in the web portal:

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Preventing Other Users from Editing a Submission at the Same Time

Having two people editing the same form submission at the same time could cause data to be overwritten, or waste users' time. When a form is sent for editing, other users cannot search and edit that form submission until the current Owner (see above under Form Submission Versioning) submits the form.

This does not require any configuration on your part.

Click here for more information on Form Submission States >


Using the Search Box

The Search box is enabled on a team level as well as per form; if the Search box  does not appear on the ProntoForms home screen, it is not enabled for your team. You must also be working online with an active data connection in order to use this feature.

To use the Search function:

  1. Select "Search" from the ProntoForms home screen.
  2. Type your search in the search box to return a list of all form submissions containing that search term in the form submission name. Note: you can only search the form submission name. In our example below, we want to find the work order for MacArthur Construction, so we type "MacArthur" in the search box and hit the search button:
  3. Select the form submission you need, and then select whether you wish to edit the form submission, or download its documents. Note: the ability to edit a form submission may be restricted depending on the form's settings, and the documents available are configured by the person who built the form.

Viewing Past Form Submissions' Documents

  1. If you selected the document download option ("Download "PDF (V2).pdf" in our example), the document will be downloaded and opened on your mobile device, allowing you to review previous work or find contact information. It will include any photos that are contained within the document. When you wish to return to the ProntoForms app, select "Done" or hit the back button. Below is a screenshot of the MacArthur Work Order PDF on an iOS device:

Editing Form Submissions Found Via Search

  1. If you have selected Edit, the form submission will automatically open onto the Index page (iOS, see screenshot below), or to the Inbox (Android) where the form submission is ready to be opened.
    Note: pages that have been visited (i.e., pages with answered questions) will be marked with a green check-mark.

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Incompatible Features

This feature is incompatible with:

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