User Roles



The user's role controls their access to the product, and is initially set when creating a user, and can be adjusted in the User Profile.

Note that adjusting this will affect what form submissions they can view in the web portal.

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Mobile-Only User

Many frontline workers only use the ProntoForms mobile app and don't need to see the web portal's framework. The Mobile-Only User is a common role for these frontline workers, where they only use the web portal to set their password.

  • Mobile-only users can submit forms from their mobile devices.
  • Can change their own password from the web portal, but have no other access to administration tools.



Users have a little bit more flexibility than the Mobile-Only users: their permissions can be set so that they can build forms in particular formspaces (using FormSpace permissions), or various other things described below.

  • As with a Mobile-Only user, a User can submit forms from mobile devices, but they can also log into the portal to view their submitted forms.  They will see their own submitted data.
  • With FormSpace permissions configured, Users can also view and modify other users' submissions, and edit forms, destinations, and data sources in specific FormSpaces.
  • Can change their own password from the web portal.



Admins have the most power over a team: they are the highest level of access to a ProntoForms team.

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