Can data destination emails be sent from my company's email address?





ProntoForms customers commonly use Email Destinations to send documents (containing the data and photos from a form submission) to either their office or to customers.  This is usually to communicate what work was done, so that customers have their own record. 

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Where are the emails normally sent from?

The emails are normally from as the sender.  You can configure your own custom "reply-to" address, which means that if some replies to the email, this is who the response will be sent to.

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Can the emails be sent from an email address in my company instead?

Yes, if you set up email destinations to use an Email Connection, which allows you to send the emails from your custom SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server.  You will likely require assistance from IT to set this up.  Read more about Email Connections.


No, if you instead rely on ProntoForms to send emails.  In this case, the emails must come from    This is because ProntoForms is not allowed to send emails on your behalf; email providers make serious efforts to detect this kind of "spoofing" (emails that look like they are sent from one person, but are actually sent by another) because this is a common way of performing phishing attacks.  Emails that look like phishing are commonly blocked or sent to junk, and will not make it to their intended recipient. 

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