Recalling, deleting or canceling a Form once it has been Dispatched


How can I recall, delete or cancel a Form once it has been Dispatched?

This article discusses how to recall, delete or cancel a Form once it has been Dispatched.

To decline the Form on your device, the team Admin will have to go into the Form settings to configure the Form (in this link please see the section labeled 'Configuring a Form to Allow Editing of its Submissions') and edit the properties to allow the users to decline forms dispatched to them. Once this is done users will be able to select 'edit' in the Inbox page and be able to select and delete.


For the Admin to delete the Dispatched Form you will need to go to the Form Submissions page and select the following in the drop down menu:


Selecting delete will completely erase the Dispatch to that user and there will be no way of retrieving this through Portal.

The last option is recalling a Dispatch. In order to recall the Dispatch the Admin will need to go the Form Submission page and select 'Send for Edits' in the drop down menu.


To enable this feature you will need to follow this link 


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