Can you write repeat form submission data to SalesForce?


Attempting to write repeat data in form to a SalesForce destination results in an error. The issue does not occur when a single repeat row is entered in the form submission, but when 2 or more repeat rows are entered, the SalesForce Destination will fail with the error described above.


Currently, repeat data is only supported for SalesForce destinations by sending V2 documents (ex. a PDF containing the repeat row data). However, if you require an object to be created in SalesForce for each repeat row in a form submission, the following work around may suit your need:
  • For each possible row a user may enter, create a SalesForce new SalesForce destination
  • Each destination will need to use DREL to map the row data into the form to fields in the SalesForce object. i.e. the first destination would reference questions with the index 0 after each question label (ex. %a[Item][0]) while the second destination would use index 1 (ex. %a[Item][0]). 
     (provide the example and link to documentation).
  • Apply filtering to the destinations to prevent destinations from executing if no row data was provided . This will vary depending on your form design, but you could check if a required question in the repeat row contains a value to filter or execute the destination. See applying filtering to data destinations for more details
  • It's recommended that you limit the repeat row data a user can enter in the form to the number of destinations you have created. That is, if you have 10 SalesForce destinations configured, limit the repeatable section, enforce a max number of entries in the repeatable section to 10 in the form builder. See details on enforcing limits on repeatable sections here
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