Battery Drain while using ProntoForms App



Why is my battery draining faster than usual when using ProntoForms, and is there any way to stop this from happening?

Note: This article is specific to iOS settings and diagnostics.



This is a a question with many answers. In this section of the article I will detail some troubleshooting steps you can look through to see if ProntoForms is in fact draining your battery

  1. Go to your iOS Settings > Scroll down to the tab Battery > Select Battery Health > If the Maximum Capacity is below 80% than you will likely experience battery performance issues indicating you will need a new battery. 

  2. Check and see what applications are draining the battery by scrolling down when you are in the Battery tab and reviewing the battery usage by app.
    • Note: if any app is enabled to run in the background it may also be consuming a lot of battery life.

  3.  Ensure you are running the latest version of iOS. You can do so by going to General > Software Update and review the message that either says to update or that you are fully up to date.
  4. Does your device have any water damage? You may not be able to tell for sure, however if you check the device (i.e check the charging port or the sim card slot) you may be able to see signs of water damage which would affect battery life.
  5. GPS and Location services consume a great deal of battery life. If the "Always" option is selected, the GPS will always stay on even in the background when it is not in use. If the application is active while location is set to "When in use" the settings will turn off when the application is in the background.
    • If the GPS map is on all the time that could also be a possible concern for battery health. 
  6. Is your phone in extreme heat? If so remove it from the direct sunlight to cool and battery function should return to normal. 
  7. You can try enabling low power mode. You can do so by going to Settings > Battery and toggle 'Low Power Mode' to on. 
  8. Turn off Bluetooth if possible, otherwise it will always be looking for a signal.
  9. Ensure you are using WIFI as this option uses less battery than Data
  10. Turn your Screen brightness down.

Though there are other reasons for the battery to be draining very fast, the above is meant as a benchmark for possible reasons and tips to ensure your battery is used to its fullest potential. If for any reason none of these steps help please contact Support and we will be able to look into this more for you.

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