Error: The authorization has been revoked



Seeing an error on a submission that cannot be processed that states Revoked Authorization: The authorization has been revoked. In this article I will go through troubleshooting steps and why this is occurring.


Troubleshooting steps 

The above error message is typically seen when dealing with Sharepoint Destination or a Google Sheets Destination. It states that there is an authentication issue on the end of the Destination (i.e Sharepoint or Google). Support is limited in our ability to troubleshoot this, but we can offer three different ways to approach this problem:

  1. Un-link the Connection and reconnect it to the Destination. Please follow the screenshots below:  
    1. Under Manage Forms, select Connections.

    2. Navigate to the connection that is being used:mceclip4.png

    3. Select Update from the dropdown menu to the left of the connection name:

    4. Select Clear and then immediately select Connectmceclip6.png

  2. Create a new Connection that matches the same specifications as the previous one
  3. Sign out of your Destination (i.e Sharepoint or Google) program and sign back in to ensure there are no credential issues.

If for any reason the above steps do not help please contact Support and we will continue looking into this for you. 



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