Images are Duplicating in my Destination


After a user submits a Form, in my Destination, I am seeing duplicate answers to my file upload or image questions. In this article I will detail some troubleshooting steps on why this may be happening. 



While there may be other reasons you are receiving duplicates, please follow the following troubleshooting steps:

Multiple Documents sending the same files to the destination


When setting up your destination, you may have selected Send photos, sketches, audio files, and similar form data as separate file attachments to the message. Enabling this option sends the files separately, alongside the form submission document, such as a PDF.

Therefore, if you have two documents attached to the form and destination, it will send those files or images to the destination twice.


To correct this, you will need to:

  1. Copy your Destination by navigating to it and selecting Copy from the dropdown next to the Destination name.

  2. Set the 'Form Submission Document Configuration' field to False on the copied Destination and keep the other one set to True.
  3. Connect the Destination to your Form and than link each PDF to one of the Destinations independently. It should look like this on your Form Diagram page: 

Once this has been done you will only receive the images and file upload fields from one of the Destinations while both Documents will be carried forward to the Destination. 

 Though this is the most common reason for duplicates, there may be other potential reasons. If this article does not help with your troubleshooting please contact support and let us know. 



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