Handlebars - Referencing data with incorrect Unique IDs



In a Handlebars document, when trying to reference a question in the form using the exact unique ID that is linked to the question, the data doesn't get displayed in the document. 



We sanitize the Unique IDs in the following ways before transmitting the data to our document generation server.

  • If the ID is 20 characters or more in length, we turn the label into an acronym and trim any extra characters
  • Remove non-alphanumeric characters
  • Remove the first character if it is a number

It is recommended to use the reference data section in the Custom Document Editor window to identify the modified question label, in order to retrieve the data from the form submission. 

For instance, the auto-generated label for this question in the form is TestingModifiedLabel which is 20 characters long.


When referencing this question using Handlebars, the following would not work:


In the reference data section of the "Custom Document Editor" window, you would see that this label has been modified to "T":


In this case, the correct method of referencing this question would be:


If you have used the correct labels and the data is still not getting displayed in the document, you could check this article: Referenced form submission data doesn't get displayed in custom PDF document   


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