How To: Migrate to the New Office365 API



In November 2019, Microsoft is deprecating a legacy API that was used to support legacy ProntoForms connections to Office365.  This will impact OneDrive and OneDrive for Business Connections, which are used to support OneDrive Data Sources/Destinations, Document Library Data Sources/Destinations, and Sharepoint Custom List Data Sources/Destinations.

ProntoForms now supports the new Office365 API.   In order to avoid an interruption to your service, we recommend migrating your connections before November 2019.  


Unsupported Features

Microsoft has decided not to support some features in the new version of their API, which limits some functionality in ProntoForms.

This includes: 

  • Allowing 3rd party systems like ProntoForms to dynamically create new metadata columns in Document Libraries (writing to existing metadata columns is still supported)
  • Allowing 3rd party systems like ProntoForms to dynamically create new Sharepoint Custom List columns (writing to existing columns is still supported)
  • Allowing 3rd party systems like ProntoForms to send attachment to the Attachments column in Sharepoint Custom Lists (sending images to Document Libraries is still supported)

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Migrate your Connections

To switch your connections to the new API, follow the steps below for each connection.

Note: if you select Connect before de-selecting the Legacy Connection checkbox, this process will fail. Please follow the steps in the order shown below:

  1. Locate the tab Manage Forms, and hover over the drop down to the right of it. Click on Connections at the bottom of the list.

  2. Click on the connection you would like to re-connect. 
  3. Beside the name of the connection there will be another dropdown arrow. Select Update from the dropdown menu.

  4. In the Editing screen, ensure the Legacy connection method checkbox is unchecked. If you manually uncheck it, it will automatically clear the Connection window.

  5. Once the Legacy connection has been cleared (or you have selected Clear from the Connection pane), reconnect the connection using the appropriate credentials by selecting Connect from the Connection pane.

  6. IMPORTANT: Select Update to save the renewed connection. If you do not select Update, your connection will not be saved.

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