Why are my Documents not coming through in the Destination?



I have a Document attached to my Form but it is not sending through to the Destination. How can I fix this? 



Troubleshooting steps

In this article I will go through some troubleshooting steps on why this may be happening. 

  1. Please ensure the Document is attached to the Destination at the time of the submission. To do this please see below 
    • Go into edit mode of your Form
    • Go to the Destinations section
    • If your Destination's Document section like this:mceclip1.pngYou will need to link the Document in this section for it to carry forward (type the name of the document and it should show up). 
  2. Go to the Submission the individual is saying they did not receive to see if you can manually download it there:
    • If there is no Document listed on the submission page, go back to the version of the Form that was submitted and ensure the Document was attached at the time of the submission.
      • To see what version was submitted on the submission you are viewing select the following:
        • This will take you to the version of the form used when the submission was made. This is helpful as it is possible the user did not reconcile their device after a Document was attached to the form, and filled out an old version of the form.
    • If you see a system error when trying to download the Document, please contact Support
    • If you can download it with no issues than there is not a problem with the Document and it is likely an issue with step 3 below. 
  3. Sometimes mail servers have blockers set in place to not allow attachments such as Documents to come through. Check with your mail server team to see if there are any such restrictions to ensure this does not happen. 

If none of these steps fix the behaviour you are seeing than please contact Support at support@prontoforms.com for further assistance. 

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