Question: Not able to link documents into form


Why am I having trouble linking a document to one of my forms in the Pronto Forms portal?


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If you are able to see a document in the Pronto Forms portal, yet it does not allow you to select it when linking documents into the form, you will need to check the version of the document. If your document is a Version 1 document, you will not be able to link it to a Version 2 form.

If you are not sure the version of the document, please click on the document and you will see the version below the document name. (see below)


If you have older Version 2 forms that already have this old document attached, it is because that link was made before the form was converted to a Version 2 form. In order to solve this, please re-create your document as a Version 2 document. If you happen to have a custom document that was built by our Professional Services Team, please reach out to Support to have a case created to make this change. 


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